Experienced Audi Repair Shop in Albuquerque

Hans Wittler is Your Cost Effective Solution with Audi Vehicle Repair

If you are an Audi car owner, it is important that you have your Audi Vehicle repaired and serviced by well-trained technicians. Hans Wittler is your cost-effective solution with Audi vehicle repair. We have an affordable Audi mechanic repair shop.

Experienced  Audi Repair Shop in Albuquerque

Are you in need of an experienced Audi repair shop in Albuquerque, Hans Wittler is your solution. We provide you with specific parts, diagnostic tools, and equipment, making us your friendly dealership alternative. We provide the best brake repair in Albuquerque and a variety of engine services.

Affordable Audi Mechanic Repair Shop with Qualifications

Many Audi owners complain about the customer service at the dealership. Not only are they time consuming, they are also expensive. At Hans Wittler, we offer an affordable Audi mechanic near me. Our used Audi repair shop is accessible to everyone at a reasonable cost. We have an affordable Audi mechanic repair shop with qualifications.

Finding the Most Quality Audi Service and Repairs

If you are finding the most quality Audi service and repairs in Albuquerque, Hans Wittler Auto has got you covered. Our quality Audi services and repairs have given us a wide range of satisfied customers all over Albuquerque. We are always available anytime you need an Audi mechanic near me.

How to Select the Best Audi Automotive Technicians

If you own an Audi vehicle, you need to select the best Audi automotive technicians for your car. The best Audi mechanic in Albuquerque that can provide your vehicle with quality Audi services and repairs is Hans Wittler Auto. Before you hand over your very expensive car to someone, find out how much experience they have had working in the field. Our Audi repair shop is handled by certified technicians with experience in a variety of Audi products.

Keep Your German Car in Top Condition with the Help of

Hans Wittler's Automotive

With over 50 years of dedicated service and commitment to excellence, Hans Wittler’s Automotive has become the trusted German auto repair and maintenance provider in Albuquerque, Rio Ranch, and nearby areas in New Mexico. 

We are a leading dealership alternative for maintenance and repair of Audi, BMW, Porsche, Mercedes, Volkswagen, and other European and German vehicles. We also have two locations ready to serve you any time—Eastside and Northside. 


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