How To Keep Your Car Running Great (For Years To Come)

How can you keep your car running great for the long term?

The most important thing to do to keep your car running for the long run is regular maintenance. Take it into somebody that knows your car and sees your car on a regular basis, to prevent yourself from having problems in the long run. You can catch problems before they are big problems. And you can anticipate the cost of the problem, if it’s not an immediate concern.

Why should you choose Han’s Wittler’s Automotive?

I believe we treat people better in the long run. If you want to do your maintenance at the dealer while you’re under warranty, that’s great, but we can maintain your car. Under the law, you can take your car anywhere you want, as long as it’s documented you did the actual maintenance at the right time and used the right parts. So you’re not stuck with the dealer on maintaining your car. But a lot of car companies are doing free maintenance and things like that, to keep you coming back to them. And I think we just have a much nicer, more friendly environment, that’s not all about the mighty dollar.

Keep your German Car in Top Condition

The Hans Wittler’s Way

With over 50 years of dedicated service and commitment to excellence, Hans Wittler’s Automotive has become the trusted provider of German auto repair and maintenance in Albuquerque, Rio Ranch, and nearby areas in New Mexico.

We are a leading dealership alternative for maintenance and repair of Audi, BMW, Porsche, Mercedes, Volkswagen, and other European and German vehicles. We also have two locations ready to serve you any time—Eastside and Northside.


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