Maintaining Your Car for Winter Driving

Winter can be hard on your car. Even though New Mexico seldom reaches below zero temperatures, it still gets cold. On many days throughout the winter, the difference between the overnight low temperature and the daytime high temperature can be 30 degrees and sometimes even more.

As we go into the winter driving season, it is important that your car’s maintenance be up to date in several key areas especially antifreeze, tire pressure, wiper blades, window washer fluid, and motor oil. Gas, diesel and hybrid cars all need proper maintenance to make it through the winter.

All cars need to be properly maintained, and we specialize in German and European cars including Audi, BMW, Mini Cooper, Mercedes-Benz, Volvo, Porsche, and Volkswagen. But all cars need to be maintained before going into the winter, and we work on other brands of cars as well.

Our winter service package is designed to address the areas that need attention going into winter:

Antifreeze: We test for adequate concentrations of antifreeze to keep your engine from freezing, and we test for acidity. High acidity can cause damage to your cooling system and even to key components of your engine if not addressed. Modern antifreeze can last for many years and thousands of miles, but it doesn’t last forever. If your antifreeze has become acidic, it needs to be drained and refilled.

Battery testing: We test your battery for proper voltage and cold cranking amps. These tests provide a good indication of whether your battery will perform properly throughout the coming winter to do what it is designed to do, start your car even on the coldest day. Waiting until a battery fails is not a good idea. As cars have become more and more computerized, total battery failure has the possibility of doing damage to your car’s electrical and computer systems. Don’t risk it, have your battery tested going into the winter.

Tires: Properly inflated tires are key to safety and performance year-round. You want to make sure your tires have adequate tread, are in good condition, and are properly inflated. Your tires are the only thing between your car and the road, and they need to be maintained to perform. Also, as the weather cools, your car’s tires will often need additional air to be at the proper operating range and keep the tire sensor light from shining. Tire inspection should also include the spare.

Motor Oil and Filter: Oil changes are key to keeping your car running well for the long term. Regular oil changes keep your engine performing efficiently and reduce premature engine wear. The right oil is crucial in protecting your car. We make sure that we use the oil designed for your car. Don’t be lured into using the cheapest oil for your car. The best oil formulas are not the lowest cost, but they have been shown to provide superior protection for your engine’s vital moving parts.
Wiper Blades: In Albuquerque, we don’t get a lot of rain and snow, so sometimes our wiper blades can wear out, and we won’t recognize it until that infrequent rain or snowstorm hits the city. Better to make sure your wiper blades are in top shape before a big storm hits.

Washer Fluid: Window washer fluid is especially important in New Mexico. When it does rain or snow lightly, there is potential for precipitation and then dust and dirt to accumulate on your windshield. Some call this phenomenon a “dirt storm.” Having washer fluid in your vehicle, in this case, goes beyond convenience. It can be a real safety factor. Don’t get caught with your washer fluid levels low, and make sure that the fluid is a winter formula that won’t freeze.

Do yourself and your car right by making sure it is properly maintained for winter driving. We have put together a special package of services that address all the issues above. If you want to get your car in top shape for winter, please address all these listed issues. We would be delighted to take care of these items for you. Call us today for an appointment, and by all means, drive safely this winter.

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