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Touch Free Service
Our latest response to COVID-19

To enable you to receive the services necessary to keep your car running great in the safest and most convenient way possible, we are now offering Touch Free Service.  We will come to your home or business and drive your car to the closest of our two locations.  Once your repairs and maintenance are complete, we will drop off your automobile back at you home or business.

Here are the details of how it works:

When you call us for an appointment for Touch Free Service, we will give you a window of time to pick up your car and a security pin number.  When our employees arrive at your home, they will park a safe distance away and call or text you on your phone to let you know they have arrived.

You will then ask them to provide you the security pin number you were given. If they give you the correct security pin number, you will then move your car out of the garage (if necessary), set the key on the seat of your car with the door unlocked and give our employee a signal like “thumbs up” or something similar from the safety of your front door or other location well away from your car.

One of our employees will take control of your car and perform our checklist of initial sanitizing procedures at your home before we drive your car to one of our two locations for service.

When your car is in our shop, we will keep you up to date on the status of your car’s services.

Once your car has been repaired, we will contact you and make arrangements for payment, and set up an appointment window to return your car.

Upon arrival at your home, we will perform our delivery sanitizing procedures and then call you to let you know your car is ready and waiting outside your home.  When you give us the go-ahead by phone, we will then put the car key in the driver’s seat or other location you designate.

Your car will be repaired and maintained to the exacting standards you have come to expect from Hans Wittler’s Automotive, and you never have to leave your home while maintaining social distancing recommendations.

Call us today to schedule your pickup appointment for your car using our Touch Free Service at 505-294-7684.

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